Mar 26, 2010

Let's just say, I've been sort of under the weather lately, the reason why I haven't posted anything here. Anyways, still on boxing ...

With his string of successes on the ring, Manny Pacquiao is without a doubt one of richest men in the Philippines. Yet he still wants to run in public office. I just don't get it; I mean, if I had that much money, I certainly wouldn't need to get a high post in government to help my people. Look at Bill Gates, for instance. Gates has billions and billions worth of assets, but he shares his wealth through philantrophic acts. Thousands of people have benefited from his generosity, and Manny can very well do the same thing for the Filipino people even as a private person, can't he?

Mar 17, 2010

Boxing In The World Of Sports

I could never understand how boxing got into the world of sports. The way I see it, sports is supposed to promote camaraderie. It's supposed to be fun. But in boxing, you have to hurt each other in order to win. You certainly cannot be having fun when you are bleeding to death (or your opponent is).

In sports, you are not supposed to hurt each other at all; you'll get a technical call if you do. But boxing actually requires that you hurt your opponent, and the crowd cheers every time you do. I must be missing something here, but aren't we sort of glorifying evil here? I mean, think about this - at Manny Pacquiao's last fight when he failed to end it in a knock out, people were even kind of disappointed. They wanted to see Clottey on his knees, eyes sore, nose bleeding, pleading for mercy.

How could we be so mean?

Mar 14, 2010

It's Been Done Again - The Philippine National Anthem, Raped Another Time

Well, as it is Manny Pacquiao won the battle again, this time against Clottey. No surprises, there. No surprises, too, when it came to the singing of the Lupang Hinirang - raped and stripped of all dignity ... again.

It happens every time. I wonder when our singers will ever learn the proper way to sing the Philippine National Anthem. Don't get me wrong, I admire Arnel Pineda. He's got a great voice which explains his meteoric rise to fame. But his rendition of the National Anthem just wasn't how it was supposed to be.

It must be clearly emphasized that the Philippine National Anthem is more than just a song. Line by line, it tells of our rich history. Singing the national anthem is not the time to showcase one's vocal talents. There is a correct and proper way on how to do it, and it's been all over the papers and the internet, and still ...

It does say somewhere that the anthem should be sung with fervor, as if you're praying. But you can be fervent and expressive without changing the tempo or the notes, can you not? Perhaps, it does take a lot of discipline not to get carried away with the idea that one is singing for the whole world to hear. Still, it's not enough reason to go against the law.

Yes, there is a law on how the Philippine National Anthem is supposed to be sung. Republic Act 8491 or the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines clearly states that all renditions of the Lupang Hinirang “shall be in accordance with the musical arrangement and composition of Julian Felipe.

So far, only Leah Salonga, world class singer that she is, did justice to Felipe's composition. Listen to this ...

Leah Salonga Sings The Philippine National Anthem

Mar 13, 2010

I'm Not Perfect

I am not perfect
And I don't claim to be perfect

But when I'm asked to do something
I always give it my best shot.

Mar 12, 2010

In defense of Jed

A friend forwarded me a link to a YouTube video featuring Jed Mabilog, a mayorable in the city of Iloilo. The video was actually a clip from MariMar, but the subtitles were an attack on Jed’s person. I don’t know who posted the video to YouTube, but it was clearly done in to bring Jed’s popularity down. I should say that it was done in poor taste, definitely something with half a brain wouldn’t do. Plus, it discriminated gays.

Honestly, I don’t believe Jed is gay, but assuming that he were, so what? Gays are human beings, too, aren’t they? So why the discrimination? Does that make Jed less than a person if he’s gay? Would that make him a bad leader?
The point is, you don’t elect someone to public office because of gender preferences. You vote for someone because of integrity, performance, honesty, and sincerity to serve the people. It shouldn’t matter if that person happens to be a man, a woman or gay.

And aren’t we supposed to be gender sensitive now? We have GAD programs already being implemented, and the way I see it, the video is anti-GAD.

I would have posted the link to the video here, but on second thought, it’s not worth it.

Mar 11, 2010

Rain At Last

Finally, it rained, and we couldn't be any happier.
The earth's been so dry lately
that every drop of rain is deemed very precious.

God is so good!

Mar 9, 2010

A Smile For Me - Glitter Graphics

Honestly, I don't feel like smiling today...