Mar 30, 2007

Done by Anthony G. Geduspan, a local artist who hails from Guimbal, Iloilo, this Madonna and Child is an absolute must-have.

Anthony’s interest in the arts started when he was only five years old. Like many of us at that age, he would draw stick figures in varying positions. But unlike many of us, he didn’t stop there. Using his imagination and God-given talent, he developed several techniques in art-making that made his work stand out from the rest. Proofs of this are the many awards he has won, such as the Forest Lake Memorial Park Mural Contest, the Red Cross Mural Painting Contest, the Iloilo City National High School Fence Painting Contest, Iloilo Provincial Development Cooperative Official logo Contest, and from 1999-2001, he was a finalist in the Shell national Students Art Competition.

It is amazing, really, to know that Anthony never had any formal schooling in painting. What he has is a dream … a vision … a desire to simply express himself.

This Madonna and Child is characteristic of Anthony’s signature style --- figurative-cubism.


Long queues before ATMs or disbursing officers (as the case may be), loan sharks in the office lobby, employees in tears, some hiding under their desks --- this is what a typical payday scenario in my small town looks like.

Soon, it is time to go home. The loan sharks will have to come back some other day. After two weeks, maybe, or 3 days, if they want to catch their “victims” off-guard.

There is another long line at the local grocery store. Food items quickly disappear from the shelves. Panic-buying, some people would call it. But, really, it isn’t so.

It is just a typical payday scenario.

Mar 29, 2007


You have exquisite long black tresses that fall in soft waves down the length of your back. Easily, you become the envy of every girl in town --- including your worst enemy!

You get invited to a party and you just have the thing to wear in your mind --- your stunning little black dress.

It’s 5 pm and you decide to get dressed for the party. The little black dress snug to your body as if it has always belonged there. You smile appreciatively.

Then you sit before your vanity table and take out your comb, going through each strand of your hair.

And you notice something that wasn’t there before. There are glitters of white on your dress. Your heart begins to race, and you bend your head a bit so you could see your scalp in the mirror.

And there they are --- the little culprits have invaded your head.

These white stuff --- culprits, if you so wish to call them as such, are actually dead skin cells that result from the normal growing process of the scalp’s skin cells.

Don’t panic. There are shampoos that effectively treat dandruff. Or you may opt for alternative treatments, like garlic and oil of oregano, vinegar and kalamansi.


In the meantime, don’t wear that little black dress.


I started reading Anita Shreve a couple of years ago after a friend recommended her book, The Pilot’s Wife. I never expected to throw myself (literally) in the story as the title didn’t appeal to me much at all.

But as soon as I got through the first page, I couldn’t put the book down. The novel was simply awesome … gritty … riveting.

I was hooked.

Since then, I began scouring the local bookstores for other books by Shreve. After many months of bookstore-hopping, I found two, finally, and they were on sale --- The Weight of Water and Fortune’s Rocks.

I like Shreve’s style of writing. I like the way she describes her characters, the scenes, the events. She has that unique and creative way of capturing her audience’s attention. Reading Shreve is like being a part of the storyline yourself, if not the main character.

Other books by Shreve are:
* A Wedding in December
* All He Ever Wanted
* Body Surfing
* Light On Snow
* Resistance
* Sea Glass
* The Last Time They Met
* Strange Fits of Passion
* Where or When
* Eden Close

Mar 28, 2007

It’s Friday night, and you have that TGIF look on your face. The hours tick by ever so slowly. Impatiently, you rap your fingers on your desk.

Finally, it’s 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM, depending on where you work, and you’re ready to drink the night away.

It started with a bottle … and then a couple more. “Alcohol is healthy”, you tell yourself, as if that would justify the dozen of Red Horse bottles now lying empty on your table. (Yeah, right! Alcohol is healthy --- when taken in moderation).

It’s way past midnight when you decide you’ve had enough. That’s the time, too, when you can barely keep your eyes open or form a coherent sentence or walk without stumbling.

You go home, get some sleep, and you wake up with a hangover.

So, what do you do?

I posted a discussion of this in mylot. Click this link and find out how mylotters get over a hang-over.

Operating A School Canteen

I don’t know how to cook, and I’ve never even gone to a market place all by myself, so when my boyfriend and I were awarded the operation of a school canteen, everyone, including myself, was shocked … stunned… astonished. Sure, it was something we hoped for, but never really expected, considering that we submitted our bid at the last minute. Pressed for time, we couldn’t anymore afford such formalities as computer print-outs and the like.

But heaven must be on our side and we couldn’t be more thankful.

The first year was a period of adjustment --- testing the waters and riding the waves. We hired a great cook and three other personnel to keep the business running while we are attending to our day jobs.

It was no easy job, really, as we had to learn a lot about recording sales, conducting inventories, dealing with irate customers and kids with differing personalities, and all that. But, altogether, it was an enjoyable experience, so much so that we renewed our contract the following year.

The second year ran more smoothly. But times were a lot harder, and the profit we made was only enough to pay the rent, electricity bills, and salaries of our personnel. Sometimes, I would wonder if it’s all worth it, counting coins, instead of bills. Then I’d think about the people who work for us, and I know we’d just have to bid again.


We all want to make a little extra money, don’t we? Thus, in desperate attempts to make easy money, we almost always fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get rich overnight? While sleeping? While practically doing nothing?

Well, my experiences tell me --- there’s no quick formula to make money, be it online or offline. Hard work and determination are still the main ingredients to success, again, be it online or offline.

But here are some pretty good sites where you could earn extra money. They're not going to make you millionaires overnight, but, they're all free to join, so there's nothing to lose, right?
SEARCH AND EARN (has been experiencing technical problems for a while, but it's back now)


I’ve never considered myself a techno freak. I’m not someone who scouts the malls for the latest gadgets or anything that’s “in”. I always try to live by my motto, “if it still serves the purpose, why change it?

In fact, I’ve had my Nokia 3210 running pretty well for 5 long years before it started acting out crazy about a year and a half ago, forcing me to look for a new one.

It didn’t take me long to find what I want. I had a budget to stick to, within which there weren’t many options at all. I got myself a Nokia 2600. It wasn’t a camera phone and certainly not a pickpocket’s dream. So, it never really occurred to me that anybody would want to steal it at all.

But then a cellphone is a cellphone. And times are hard, so to someone who is so desperately in want of money, my phone, even without all those trinkets and embellishments, still must have glittered like gold.

And so it happened.

My cellphone got stolen from my bag while I was savoring Kublai Khan’s hamburger with barbeque sauce and choco latte.


As a service officer, I get to receive a lot of phone-in inquiries, and pretty often, I am asked to relay the telephone numbers of our field offices.

So, I’d say, “please dial this number --- five-zero-nine … “

“Hold on, what’s that again? Five-oh-nine …?”

“No, ma’am, that’s five-ZERO-nine …”

“Okay, I got it, five-OH-nine …”

Ahh…why do people insist on saying OH (O) instead of ZERO (0)? Since when did the letter “O” become a number?

Mar 22, 2007

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