Mar 29, 2007


I started reading Anita Shreve a couple of years ago after a friend recommended her book, The Pilot’s Wife. I never expected to throw myself (literally) in the story as the title didn’t appeal to me much at all.

But as soon as I got through the first page, I couldn’t put the book down. The novel was simply awesome … gritty … riveting.

I was hooked.

Since then, I began scouring the local bookstores for other books by Shreve. After many months of bookstore-hopping, I found two, finally, and they were on sale --- The Weight of Water and Fortune’s Rocks.

I like Shreve’s style of writing. I like the way she describes her characters, the scenes, the events. She has that unique and creative way of capturing her audience’s attention. Reading Shreve is like being a part of the storyline yourself, if not the main character.

Other books by Shreve are:
* A Wedding in December
* All He Ever Wanted
* Body Surfing
* Light On Snow
* Resistance
* Sea Glass
* The Last Time They Met
* Strange Fits of Passion
* Where or When
* Eden Close

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