Mar 30, 2007

Done by Anthony G. Geduspan, a local artist who hails from Guimbal, Iloilo, this Madonna and Child is an absolute must-have.

Anthony’s interest in the arts started when he was only five years old. Like many of us at that age, he would draw stick figures in varying positions. But unlike many of us, he didn’t stop there. Using his imagination and God-given talent, he developed several techniques in art-making that made his work stand out from the rest. Proofs of this are the many awards he has won, such as the Forest Lake Memorial Park Mural Contest, the Red Cross Mural Painting Contest, the Iloilo City National High School Fence Painting Contest, Iloilo Provincial Development Cooperative Official logo Contest, and from 1999-2001, he was a finalist in the Shell national Students Art Competition.

It is amazing, really, to know that Anthony never had any formal schooling in painting. What he has is a dream … a vision … a desire to simply express himself.

This Madonna and Child is characteristic of Anthony’s signature style --- figurative-cubism.

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