Mar 29, 2007


You have exquisite long black tresses that fall in soft waves down the length of your back. Easily, you become the envy of every girl in town --- including your worst enemy!

You get invited to a party and you just have the thing to wear in your mind --- your stunning little black dress.

It’s 5 pm and you decide to get dressed for the party. The little black dress snug to your body as if it has always belonged there. You smile appreciatively.

Then you sit before your vanity table and take out your comb, going through each strand of your hair.

And you notice something that wasn’t there before. There are glitters of white on your dress. Your heart begins to race, and you bend your head a bit so you could see your scalp in the mirror.

And there they are --- the little culprits have invaded your head.

These white stuff --- culprits, if you so wish to call them as such, are actually dead skin cells that result from the normal growing process of the scalp’s skin cells.

Don’t panic. There are shampoos that effectively treat dandruff. Or you may opt for alternative treatments, like garlic and oil of oregano, vinegar and kalamansi.


In the meantime, don’t wear that little black dress.

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