Mar 28, 2007


I’ve never considered myself a techno freak. I’m not someone who scouts the malls for the latest gadgets or anything that’s “in”. I always try to live by my motto, “if it still serves the purpose, why change it?

In fact, I’ve had my Nokia 3210 running pretty well for 5 long years before it started acting out crazy about a year and a half ago, forcing me to look for a new one.

It didn’t take me long to find what I want. I had a budget to stick to, within which there weren’t many options at all. I got myself a Nokia 2600. It wasn’t a camera phone and certainly not a pickpocket’s dream. So, it never really occurred to me that anybody would want to steal it at all.

But then a cellphone is a cellphone. And times are hard, so to someone who is so desperately in want of money, my phone, even without all those trinkets and embellishments, still must have glittered like gold.

And so it happened.

My cellphone got stolen from my bag while I was savoring Kublai Khan’s hamburger with barbeque sauce and choco latte.

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