Apr 26, 2007


My sister has two extremely adorable kids, but adorable as they are, they could easily turn into green-eyed monsters when it comes to their toys. In fact, they now have a roomful of toys accumulated throughout the years. Headless dinosaurs, legless spiderman dolls, amputated barbies, and the like, are lying on practically every nook and corner of the house.

I was getting sick of the clutter, so I made a deal with them. I told them that for every new toy that they get, they would have to give me 5 of their old toys to give to the poor children. You know what? They liked the idea!

So now, every time they get a new toy (which is pretty often, thanks or no thanks to fast-food restos offering toys for every kiddie meal), they are only too excited to give me five of their old toys!

Isn’t that a nice way of decluttering their toy box while teaching them to be generous as well?

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