Apr 30, 2007


I’ve never had the chance to go to a nail salon in months, so when our house assistant offered to do my nails, I was ecstatic. My nails had long needed a make-over, after enduring months of getting chewed on.

Excited, I bought a bottle of apple green nail polish. Our house assistant worked tirelessly and patiently for 3 hours (I had very short, uneven, and extremely delicate nails, after all). Finally, my nails were restored to something that looked the least bit presentable.

I vowed to keep them that way --- if only I could!


dian sinta said...

i swear to God , that i thought the picture is a cucumber!
i love your blog!
from : diansinta . mylot

toonatoons said...

haha! sorry, couldn't find a better photo.