Apr 28, 2007

My bestfriend Lily

The overseas call from my bestfriend, Lily, came as a pleasant surprise, soothing as lozenges are to a sore throat.

I haven’t, after all, heard from her in quite a long time, and I’ve so much to tell her it was such a stress to keep them all bottled in!

I met Lily 10 years ago. The companies we worked for were sister companies (both now dissolved for reason I’d much rather not say). We immediately hit it off, as if we’ve known each other forever.

Well, all credit has to go to Lily. She could make you feel warm and welcome so easily … so effortlessly. She also has a tremendous sense of humour there’s practically never a dull moment when she’s around.

Lily fits the dictionary description of what a true friend is. She’s a great listener, generous of her time and resources, and you can always count on her in good times and bad.

I don’t intend this to be a euology for Lily. Though miles away (she’s in Africa, by the way), she’s far from being dead. But I want her to know as early as now how much I appreciate and treasure our friendship. I know there aren’t many like Lily in the world it is such a blessing to have met one in my life.

Thanks for the call, Lily! I had a great time laughing.

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