Apr 27, 2007


One sunny Wednesday, I got this sudden desire to take a walk in the minipark near my office. There wasn’t particularly special about that day. It was even excruciatingly hot, and the air was very dry --- hardly a perfect day for a walk.
But hormones raging, I changed my corporate heels into my pair of comfortable flats, and began my walk.
Aah… this is the life, I thought with a smile when I reached my destination. I felt as if I were in a different place, another continent, I must say, with tall trees lining the park, bending low with every breath of the wind. Overhead, birds were singing … or were they merely chirping? Or talking to each other? I couldn’t tell, really, only that they were making the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. It was like being in a concert, the music orchestrated to perfection.
I walked around, allowing my thoughts to be drowned by the sounds of nature all about me. How beautiful it was, indeed, to be so close to nature!
I went back to the office just in time for the afternoon bell, perspiring but with a look of contentment on my face, and when my co-workers asked where I’ve been, I simply smiled and said, I just had the most pleasurable walking experience!


Femail doc said...

I love the way your energy and personality shines through in your posts.

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