Apr 23, 2007

Stop The Tears

So you love onions. In fact, you couldn’t imagine anything fried and sautéed without them. You love them even more because they’re sodium-free, cholesterol-free, and fat-free. Plus, they contain fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and quercetin, an antioxidant that protects against cataracts, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.
But you hate slicing them because they always bring tears to your eyes. Onions make you cry when the enzymes react to the air as you slice or chop them.
For tearless chopping, try these tips:
1) chill the onions
2) use a sharp knife
3) use swimming goggles to protect your eyes
4) burning a candle or have a bowl of water near the cutting board
Now that you can slice onions without crying, your next concern is how to get rid of the odor from your hands. Try sprinkling some salt on your palms and rubbing them together under running water. Or you may wash your hands and, while still wet, rub them on stainless steel, such as a cooking pot or steel sink.
Visit this site for more kitchen tips: http://www.wholefoods.com/recipes/kitchentips/onion.html

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