Apr 16, 2007

Truly A Success Story!

Many financially poor people would regard their poverty as a reason to remain exactly that --- poor.

So, it is rather a bit surprising, and inspiring, indeed, to hear stories of poor people turning the wheels of fortune in their favor. Like Aling Nora, for instance, who concocted Charmica Soap with just P1,000 and turned into a million-peso enterprise that sells to markets in Japan, the United States and United Kingdom.
The road to Aling Nora’s success was not easy an easy one nor was it a one-strike deal. From making ropes, she had to work hard as a housemaid, as seamstress, and even as a vendor selling repacked peanuts, butong pakwan, ginisang dilis, pansit, ginatan, and all kinds of snacks.
In 1996 she enrolled in soap making at the Technology and Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC), and after three false starts with different partners and a lot of frustrations, Aling Nora was finally able to put up a stable soap making business of her own.
With just P1,000.00, Aling Nora bought a big can of vegetable oil, caustic soda, perfume and other ingredients. The production of soap took place right in their own kitchen with a lot of help from her husband and daughters. Nora wanted to make the product well known as a good-quality soap.
And it is. Her soap, is, in fact, being exported to the US, United Kingdom and Japan.
Her recipe for success? Hard work, perseverance, prayers, love of family.
Read the whole inspiring story at http://business.inquirer.net/money/features/view_article.php?article_id=60535

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