Apr 22, 2007

Writing Memos

Many years ago, when office employees would receive memos they’d usually tremble in fear. Because for a lot of people back then, memos meant a warning. Or a reprimand. Or something else that carries a negative connotation.

But memos aren’t always like that at all. In fact, if we are to really define them, memos are just written documents that are internal to the company. They could be anything --- an advice, a reminder, general info.

I’ve been writing memos for a long time, and I’d like to share with you some of the things I learned through the years to make them more effective:

1) Be personal. Don’t use the words, “the undersigned” when referring to yourself. This isn’t the dark ages, you know. It is always best to use the words, I, you, or we.

2) Avoid being too formal with words. Write as if you’re simply conversing, as if you’re talking face-to-face.

3) Use English words when you’re writing in English. Avoid writing, “as per your request…”. Instead, say, “As you have requested…”

4) Keep your paragraphs short. Long sentences will bore your readers and will make them lose track of the message you intend to impart

5) Don’t leave your reader out in the cold. Close your memo with a statement of what you want the reader to do.

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