May 15, 2007


I have been tagged by CWilson (thanks, buddy!), and as such, I need to write a post stating my 5 reasons for blogging.

Here they are:

1) I love to write. I find passion in writing. I am more of a writer than a conversationalist. I more easily get my messages across by writing rather than saying them out loud. Having my own blog allows me to have my very own online journal in which I could share practically anything Under The Sun.
2) Earn online. Having a blog with blogger, in particular, enables me to display relevant ads and google's search engine, and this earns me a bit of money.
3) Get Referrals. My blog is an excellent avenue for me to display my referral urls.
4) Make friends. Yes, i've made quite a lot of friends since the time I was able to create my very own blog. I have involved myself in several blog communities.
5) Blogging Destresses Me. It does, really. Getting my emotions out is such a relief!

I will be tagging the following blogs:

May 8, 2007


One of the things I look forward to when summer comes is the eventual blossoming of the fire tree just over the fence of my grandma’s backyard. I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I remember having already gaped at it in my younger years. It has always stood tall and regal, with its flowers a most vibrant orange with hints of lemon yellow. From afar, it looks like a big ball of fire, blazing against the blue skyscape.

I’ve seen so many fire trees around where I live, but even if we line them all up, this fire tree over the fence of my grandma’s backyard would undoubtedly stand out among them all.

May 6, 2007

What's The Thing You Can't Afford To Lose?

I see too many of them now, young and old alike, men and women, staring into space, laughing by themselves even when there’s nothing to laugh about. They have a different world and they speak a different language. They are people who have lose their minds. I shudder at the thought of me losing my own sanity.

I started a discussion of the thing you can’t afford to lose in myLot. There were varied responses, all interesting and enlightening.

If you’re a member of mylot and wish to join in the discussion, or if you simply wish to view the responses, click here…

Not yet a myLotter? Click here to register and get paid for your thoughts!

May 4, 2007


While driving to work one day, I was stopped by an LTO official because I didn’t have my seatbelt on. Great! I was already running in late and this was hardly the way I wished to begin my day!

I obediently pulled over, and smiled brightly at the officer, silently wishing he would be bowled over by my charms and let me go. He wasn’t … and he didn’t. Instead, he glared at me and lectured me about the importance of seatbelts, blah, blah, blah. I tried to get a word in edgewise, but the officer ranted on with his litany, emphasizing the essential points, as if he’s talking to a not-so-very bright kid.

Of course, I knew the importance of seatbelts --- duh! But, hello! This was city driving, and with the traffic and all that, the fastes I could go would be 30 km an hour! Why the focus on seatbelts? Jeepney operators continuously violate anti-smoke-belching laws --- why didn’t they get apprehended? Hey, I was almost brought to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning!

Okay, so maybe there’s a bit of an exaggeration there. My point is these traffic law enforcers should concern themselves more with those violations that would have an impact on the general public. And smoke-belching is truly a health hazard that could affect everybody, especially those with heart and lung diseases, the aged and the very young children.

May 2, 2007

A Little Fall of Rain

Today, we’re blessed with drops of rainfall, an immense relief to the dry, parched earth.

It’s mid-summer in the Philippines, yet even long before summer officially began, rain had already been hard to come by. So, for me, it was really a blessing that the plants were being watered by the heavens, and for free!

Thank God for the rain!


Just over a couple of weeks more and it’ll be election time again in the Philippines. As the summer progresses, the weather condition is not the only thing that worsens. It is rather, common, in fact, to hear reports of political killings and character assassinations … of candidates lashing words at one another, finger-pointing, throwing insults, destroying another’s character (or what is left of it to destroy), as if by doing so they’d look much better in the eyes of the people. “Pogi (handsome) points”, they say. Honestly! Is there anything beautiful about the deed at all? Would you consider them respectable or even remotely admirable if they keep on pointing out the faults of others, as if they could do better? You’d think they are perfect, without a blemish in sight!

One thing I learned throughout the years is this --- if you want to be great, humble yourself. Don’t flaunt your medals --- people will see you much better without them.

Remember the story of Christmas. The greatest of us all was born in a stable all forlorn.