May 15, 2007


I have been tagged by CWilson (thanks, buddy!), and as such, I need to write a post stating my 5 reasons for blogging.

Here they are:

1) I love to write. I find passion in writing. I am more of a writer than a conversationalist. I more easily get my messages across by writing rather than saying them out loud. Having my own blog allows me to have my very own online journal in which I could share practically anything Under The Sun.
2) Earn online. Having a blog with blogger, in particular, enables me to display relevant ads and google's search engine, and this earns me a bit of money.
3) Get Referrals. My blog is an excellent avenue for me to display my referral urls.
4) Make friends. Yes, i've made quite a lot of friends since the time I was able to create my very own blog. I have involved myself in several blog communities.
5) Blogging Destresses Me. It does, really. Getting my emotions out is such a relief!

I will be tagging the following blogs:


DatBuz said...

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DatBuz said...

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DatBuz said...

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Nicolás Dobson said...

Wow, nice blog.
I saw it on mylot and i come here.
I enjoy blog because the same reason that you say here.
Place to know it ;)

DatBuz - Prime said...

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