May 2, 2007


Just over a couple of weeks more and it’ll be election time again in the Philippines. As the summer progresses, the weather condition is not the only thing that worsens. It is rather, common, in fact, to hear reports of political killings and character assassinations … of candidates lashing words at one another, finger-pointing, throwing insults, destroying another’s character (or what is left of it to destroy), as if by doing so they’d look much better in the eyes of the people. “Pogi (handsome) points”, they say. Honestly! Is there anything beautiful about the deed at all? Would you consider them respectable or even remotely admirable if they keep on pointing out the faults of others, as if they could do better? You’d think they are perfect, without a blemish in sight!

One thing I learned throughout the years is this --- if you want to be great, humble yourself. Don’t flaunt your medals --- people will see you much better without them.

Remember the story of Christmas. The greatest of us all was born in a stable all forlorn.

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