Dec 31, 2008

Christmas in the Philippines

There's nothing like celebrating Christmas in the Philippines, where it is always a unique experience. It's more than lighting up your house and putting up a Christmas tree. Sure, there's joy inthat, too, but there are several other things that make Christmas in the Philippines special. The Aguinaldo masses, for one, are always looked forward to with eager anticipation. I love going to these celebration even if it meant waking up way before dawn. It was a huge sacrifice, really, and it takes a lot of determination to get out of bed.

Then, of course, there's always the craving for hot pandesal, hot bibingka and hot choco.

The celebration of Christmas in the Philippines is never complete without the traditional noche buena on the eve of December 24. This is the time when family members gather round the table, feasting on home-cooked foods prepared with love.

So really, there is nothing like celebrating Christmas in the Philippines.

Dec 3, 2008

What Christmas Would Be Like This Year

Christmas is indeed the most colorful season in the Philippines. With less than a month before Christmas, the streets are all glowing with lights of different colors and styles. The plazas come to life at night, indicating hope.

Our town was badly hit by Frank a few months ago, and I wondered then what Christmas would be like this year. It's so nice to see people moving on. Even more heartwarming are the efforts done by companies, business establishments and private individuals to make Christmas felt by those who have lost so much.

So I guess, it will still be business as usual this year. People will still look forward to the "9 mornings", and kids will still await with eager longing the "lights-on" @ Angelicum, Central Philippine University, and Pototan Plaza. The malls will still be filled with people buying Christmas gifts for one another, and most importantly, we will rediscover once more the magic and the miracle of the first Christmas.

Nov 30, 2008

The Liquid Powder Magic

Our daughter's pediatrician advised us against using talc powder whenever possible as it could be a cause for the development of ashtma or allergy. But since it gets pretty hot and AJ tends to perspire quite a lot, we have to find a way to keep her smelling fresh all day.

We came across the VCO skin protecting liquid powder. Gentle and dust-free, the powder was especially designed and formulated for little tots' sensitive skin. The powder comes in several scents, but our personal favorite is The Precious Angel scent --- it does make my baby smell heavenly!

Nov 26, 2008

Life After Frank

Frank did a lot of damage to our house. There are still many things that need repair, stuffs that have yet to be organized. Outside, the grasses have started to grow, and the mud that covered the length of the road towards our house has dried up, but the road, though, is not yet smooth enough to walk on. The canals are still clogged, so every little fall of rain gets water into the house and makes the road unpassable.

We tremble in fear when there is a storm brewing. We fear because the rivers have become very narrow and need to be dredged. But who is supposed to do it? Local officials tell us to seek higher ground when the river threatens to overflow. But I think, the people want to see them actually do something --- dredge the river, repair the dikes damaged by the typhoon, clean up the drainage, or something like that. Until they do these things, residents of the area will continue to live in fear ...

Nov 24, 2008


I have sworn off wrist watches years before. I think the last time I wore one was over ten years ago. But, while doing a review about wrist watches, I could not help remembering my SWATCH collection. My Aunt who was in the States then sent me and my sister SWATCH watches which appealed to the teenagers and pre-teens during that time.

I visited SWATCH just out of curiousity, and I found myself hooked. The designs were still typical of SWATCH --- eclectic, trendy, classic. One great thing about SWATCHES is that they look expensive without actually being so. There are many wonderful and unique styles that cost only $100!

Nov 23, 2008

My Samsung L100

I'm so elated! I got myself a Samsung L100 and I love everything about it. It was not the most expensive kind in the lot, but it was the best as far as my budget can afford. This 8.2 mega-pixel digicam had face detection and digital image stabilization features. It also came with a two gigabyte (upgradable to 8 giga) memory card, a charger, lithium battery, and a camera case.

The Samsung L100 is slim, lightweight and compact and there are a variety of colors to choose from. Unfortunately the only available at the store I went to was black. I would have chosen something in metallic pink or blue, but what the heck?! Black is beautiful, too!

Discover more about this product at Samsung.

Jul 9, 2008

Frank and Me

When Typhoon Frank hit the Philippines, specifically the Province of Iloilo, on June 21, 2008, almost everyone, including us, was caught unaware. The landslides and the flashfloods that followed leave indelible markings to the memory of anyone who suffered from these almost deadly aftermaths.

Dark, murky waters invaded our house at 1:00 in the afternoon. They came rushing in at such great speed there was no more time to do anything else. I roused my 3 month old baby from a deep slumber and brought her, and my sister's two kids, upstairs, where we would eventually spend the night. We watched in horror as the waters continued to rise and rise. We prayed incessantly. God must have heard our screams. The water stopped rising at 3:oo pm, but it did not completely subside until the following day. We spent the night feasting on my nephew's biscuits. There was no food, no electricity. The night was very still, except for the occasional downpours which send chills down our backs.

There was a lot of damage to our house. Our doors, our cabinets, my piano, are destroyed. My music collection, all the books collected through the years are all gone. Our cars submerged in water.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this horrible and traumatic experience. Personally, I feel that I am being reminded not to hold on too much to material things. I have lots of things I cannot let go of --- clothes, bling-blings, and many other things. Now, I have no more reason to keep the things I do not really need anymore.

So many material things were lost. But the great thing is, we (my family) still have each other --- and that's everything.

Back on Track

I know it has been a while, a year in fact since i last posted an article here. A lot has happened during the past year, but in a nutshell here are the things I did --- I got married, got pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. That explains my absence.

Thanks to all who dropped by my blog, sent emails and inspiring messages. I really missed posting here.