Jul 9, 2008

Frank and Me

When Typhoon Frank hit the Philippines, specifically the Province of Iloilo, on June 21, 2008, almost everyone, including us, was caught unaware. The landslides and the flashfloods that followed leave indelible markings to the memory of anyone who suffered from these almost deadly aftermaths.

Dark, murky waters invaded our house at 1:00 in the afternoon. They came rushing in at such great speed there was no more time to do anything else. I roused my 3 month old baby from a deep slumber and brought her, and my sister's two kids, upstairs, where we would eventually spend the night. We watched in horror as the waters continued to rise and rise. We prayed incessantly. God must have heard our screams. The water stopped rising at 3:oo pm, but it did not completely subside until the following day. We spent the night feasting on my nephew's biscuits. There was no food, no electricity. The night was very still, except for the occasional downpours which send chills down our backs.

There was a lot of damage to our house. Our doors, our cabinets, my piano, are destroyed. My music collection, all the books collected through the years are all gone. Our cars submerged in water.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this horrible and traumatic experience. Personally, I feel that I am being reminded not to hold on too much to material things. I have lots of things I cannot let go of --- clothes, bling-blings, and many other things. Now, I have no more reason to keep the things I do not really need anymore.

So many material things were lost. But the great thing is, we (my family) still have each other --- and that's everything.

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