Nov 26, 2008

Life After Frank

Frank did a lot of damage to our house. There are still many things that need repair, stuffs that have yet to be organized. Outside, the grasses have started to grow, and the mud that covered the length of the road towards our house has dried up, but the road, though, is not yet smooth enough to walk on. The canals are still clogged, so every little fall of rain gets water into the house and makes the road unpassable.

We tremble in fear when there is a storm brewing. We fear because the rivers have become very narrow and need to be dredged. But who is supposed to do it? Local officials tell us to seek higher ground when the river threatens to overflow. But I think, the people want to see them actually do something --- dredge the river, repair the dikes damaged by the typhoon, clean up the drainage, or something like that. Until they do these things, residents of the area will continue to live in fear ...

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