Dec 31, 2008

Christmas in the Philippines

There's nothing like celebrating Christmas in the Philippines, where it is always a unique experience. It's more than lighting up your house and putting up a Christmas tree. Sure, there's joy inthat, too, but there are several other things that make Christmas in the Philippines special. The Aguinaldo masses, for one, are always looked forward to with eager anticipation. I love going to these celebration even if it meant waking up way before dawn. It was a huge sacrifice, really, and it takes a lot of determination to get out of bed.

Then, of course, there's always the craving for hot pandesal, hot bibingka and hot choco.

The celebration of Christmas in the Philippines is never complete without the traditional noche buena on the eve of December 24. This is the time when family members gather round the table, feasting on home-cooked foods prepared with love.

So really, there is nothing like celebrating Christmas in the Philippines.

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