Dec 3, 2008

What Christmas Would Be Like This Year

Christmas is indeed the most colorful season in the Philippines. With less than a month before Christmas, the streets are all glowing with lights of different colors and styles. The plazas come to life at night, indicating hope.

Our town was badly hit by Frank a few months ago, and I wondered then what Christmas would be like this year. It's so nice to see people moving on. Even more heartwarming are the efforts done by companies, business establishments and private individuals to make Christmas felt by those who have lost so much.

So I guess, it will still be business as usual this year. People will still look forward to the "9 mornings", and kids will still await with eager longing the "lights-on" @ Angelicum, Central Philippine University, and Pototan Plaza. The malls will still be filled with people buying Christmas gifts for one another, and most importantly, we will rediscover once more the magic and the miracle of the first Christmas.

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Ching Ya said...

An early Merry Christmas wishes to you. God bless always.