Jan 13, 2009

Resolutions (Part I)

I remember having made just a couple of resolutions last year -- to be more organized and to learn ways to make money online. The first proved to be rather difficult, I must say, considering that I practically had no organized bone in my body.

But the second resolution was, surprisingly, quite easier to achieve. I was able to discover the many wonders of the internet, after all, and I've had several opportunities to make money online. Although I'm not earning that much to consider a career change, I think I'm doing pretty good considering that I do it on a part time basis only.

So, I guess if I rate myself as far as my two resolutions are concerned, I wouldn't honestly give myself five stars, but having nonetheless accomplished something, I think I deserve at least a couple of stars. Oh, well, what the heck? One star, two stars, I can have a hundred stars or none at all. The thing is, I'm enjoying my life as it is. Besides, I have another year to do better...

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