Feb 13, 2010

Lost and Found

It's Saturday and it feels exactly like it! Had another fun and memorable day with my daughter, my copy cat. She wants to do thing everything I do, I can't help but be touched. Like, when I drink coffee, she too wants to take a sip, but of course, I couldn't let her do that (at least not when anyone else is watching - joke =). This afternoon, she sees me exercising on the abswing thingy I bought years ago but remembered to re-use again just now, and she wants to try it, too.

AJ never fails to amaze me, and guess what? she even found my long lost e-card and SM advantage card. Actually, I already had my SM advantage card replaced a few months ago, and good thing, I never did get around to go to the bank to have my e-card replaced, too. Anyways, AJ found these in the same wallet where I usually keep my credit cards!

Glitter Words
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