Feb 27, 2010

My Not-So-Spa Experience

Hubby and I were given two gift certificates to a luxurious spa experience, and we decided to take the opportunity to indulge ourselves. After all, going to a spa is not an everyday thing for us. In fact, this would be the first for me.

The receptionist greeted us warmly, then proceeded with the question, “shower or sauna?” I panicked, realizing with a start that I wasn’t prepared for either one, but of course, I couldn’t let the receptionist know that. I said, “shower”, flashing her my most confident smile, but really, my insides were quivering so much. And they said going to the spa is supposed to keep you relaxed???

Anyways, the girl then gave me a key and escorted me to the shower room, and my head felt like it was about to explode. I took a deep breath and that sort of revived some of my brain cells. I figured the key was for one of the lockers. When I opened my locker, there were a pair of havaiianas, a bar soap, a couple of towels, a bathrobe, a comb, cotton buds, and what appeared like a pair of undies. So what’s next? I was all alone inside the bathroom, and frankly I didn’t know if it was a good thing or not. There was nobody to ask about the most mundane things, like where I should hang my street clothes, what I was supposed to do next, and what’s with the u-wear thingy? Am I really supposed to wear that? On the other hand it was kind of a relief that there was no one to see me making a fool of myself.

As I dilly-dallied, half-wishing that a long-lost fairy godmother with enough social grace would come to my rescue, a realization hit me – I was having my period which meant that I wouldn’t be qualified to avail myself of a full body massage. Twas a little weird that this never crossed my mind, but I was thankful nonetheless that my brain opened up at the last minute. I must have a fairy godmother after all.

I settled instead for a foot massage which took about an hour. I must have scanned 4 magazines and read a couple of articles thoroughly before I finally relaxed to the gentle pressure on my feet and the soothing music surrounding the darkened room.

As it turned out, I didn’t exactly get what I was looking forward to, but I wasn’t the least bit resentful even though Hubby ranted and raved about how great the experience was all evening. The fact that I didn’t make a fool of myself in public was all that mattered to me.

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