Mar 6, 2010

Cosmo Bloops - Cosmogirl Goes To The Movies

I've never been to a movie house before - not that I didn't want to or couldn't afford to. I just had better things to do than pin myself for an hour and a half, staring at the big screen, cornered by strangers.

But while at the mall one day, something caught my senses - the sweet aroma of popcorn and it's coming from somewhere near the movie theatre. I've been able to resist many things before (and with huge success, mind you!), but for some reason, my palate longed for popcorn. So to put it simply, I got myself a small bag of kettlecorn pops and as soon as a morsel melted in my mouth, I was in heaven. Okay, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Anyways, since I was already there, I decided to buy a ticket, since it's my first time, I had a momentary shock when I went inside. But my eyes soon adjusted to the darkness and before long, I relaxed and found myself thoroughly enjoying the movie.

It's kind of stress-relieving, indeed, to watch a movie. Hmm...maybe I should do it another time.

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