Mar 12, 2010

In defense of Jed

A friend forwarded me a link to a YouTube video featuring Jed Mabilog, a mayorable in the city of Iloilo. The video was actually a clip from MariMar, but the subtitles were an attack on Jed’s person. I don’t know who posted the video to YouTube, but it was clearly done in to bring Jed’s popularity down. I should say that it was done in poor taste, definitely something with half a brain wouldn’t do. Plus, it discriminated gays.

Honestly, I don’t believe Jed is gay, but assuming that he were, so what? Gays are human beings, too, aren’t they? So why the discrimination? Does that make Jed less than a person if he’s gay? Would that make him a bad leader?
The point is, you don’t elect someone to public office because of gender preferences. You vote for someone because of integrity, performance, honesty, and sincerity to serve the people. It shouldn’t matter if that person happens to be a man, a woman or gay.

And aren’t we supposed to be gender sensitive now? We have GAD programs already being implemented, and the way I see it, the video is anti-GAD.

I would have posted the link to the video here, but on second thought, it’s not worth it.

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